Thursday, 24 May 2012


A colourful, African prints comfy couch designed by ME and A friend...  for sale, drop a comment to place an order if u're interested.....

Monday, 14 May 2012

The Window.....

Wow... am back  blogigng after taking a personal break for a week.... i actually missed blogging. (-:.
My life is such an amazing one because i could get inspired by the weirdest thing which make me thing i have a problem but i don't..

When i wake up in the morning , i just love to look outside the window to feel the cold breeze that comes with it and see how beautiful the day is going to start... my inspiration comes from Nature because its free and transparent.

I listen to the bird singing in my ears every morning and then i grab my camera to take pictures of them in a green environment, i see the moon from my window changing from dark to a brighter colour,also grabbed my camera to capture the moment,  i await the night to fall then watch has the moon descend back into the atmosphere.... again, i capture the moment.

All these tells a story of what goes on around me and feel i should share it with my viewers..

dont't u just like the background? the color of the background attracted me in taking the pix.. . weather change

wow.... these is so on point...  beautiful view

Belle bulb like moon.... 

Don't u just like how large he moon looks?
the shot was took from my bedroom window.. nice

cattle's feeding on grass.. 

the cattle rarer that came with the animals 

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Have got more pix to share..... ENJOY

                                               Amazing view from the plane