Saturday, 7 December 2013

breath taking ' Art works' in Abuja,

stopping by a bazaar where i when to assist  a friend  in selling some goods.. there i came across varieties of art works which am going to share with u... i hope u tell me the ones you may like?

hand made laundry baskets

canvas/paint drawing.

hand made craft work

metalic artwork..(this represent a king and a queen in benin city of ' edo state'

old nigeria currency in coins...

cowries were the first currency spent in nigeria

this art work represent cultural dancers in the yorubaland

was amazes to see natural stones n different colors... they are mostly found in the norther part of nigeria.

my shadow also featured has an art work..

thats a wooden snake.. beautiful piece

colorful broom sticks

Thursday, 5 December 2013

Lanre in Italy...

My Diary for Meenah on my trip to Italy.

So, as soon as I got the memo on my proposed trip to Italy I got excited about taking Menahz part on the blog. Am not as good a photographer as she is, but I hope to make it up with my story telling.
I don't want to bore you with the details of lousy Nigeria airport deeds in Lagos so let's go straight to me landing in Milano. The 1st slap of the cold was huge even though the statistics say it's not so cold yet, you will see how I cacked up o, and I still got slapped. The airport was beautiful. Everything we'll organized. We took a taxi to the hotel that morning and  got in fine.

The fun starts now, 1st you should know that it's a business trip with my boss so here goes. We check into our rooms, freshen up and set off. I carry a sling bag, wwbig enough to take my camera, wallet and key. Italians speak their language. That's all I can say about communication. Seriously, we think the Yorubas are proud, these people can't speak a language half the world speaks, like duuuuh. Anyway, we get a map from reception and we go to the trade fair ground at Rho Fierramilano. 

Here I was amazed sooo many times my eyes left my face. The coffee machines, the orange squeezers, the pizza makes, the ovens, the chefs. Meenah, there was everything kitchen, servery, bakery, thing anything, gas ranges, refrigerators, pasta cookers, dishwashers, the Guinness world record winners in hospitality were there. Meenah,literally we were on the teal carpet. We couldn't go round it all, it was toooooooooooooooo very much big(like my Italian friends will say). All the who is who in the in the hospitality industry was there. Just like a fashion show or like the mtv awards. Foods and sample gifts were given out. The best was to deal is at the fare cos they are ready to bring in as many people on their side as possible. All kinds of people, all sorts of colors, all gathered to find cooking and hospitality equipment at the best buy. It was truly an expose. I have grande pictures of the trade centre and some of the machines that wowed me, soooorry, was too stunned to take some. Then the fare closed at 6pm that evening.

Then my favorite part started, yeeeees, shopping. We went to the Milan centre and there they were, all of them, calling my name, laaaaanre, laaaaanre, come to me, am serious, the stores practically stretch out to you to walk into them, once you here the 1st call you cannot resist, you have to just fall in. In between my shopping am in the need for the ladies and guess what, when I go to the lady, to walk in, they ask for money and it's not 50cents, it's 1euro. Hello, when I go to shop rite to buy nothing I pay nothing (in Ikeja, Lagos), am here spraying my hard earned savings, and you are making me paaaay???? We'll that rake was for me and my head cos I paid man. On the upside, maybe that's how they get to keep their things in good condition.

Ok, so we go to an African restaurant, and I ate pounded yam and ogbono right there in the centre of Milan. It was nice, filling and homey. It's called king & queen. When you go, you should go there too. Will send you pictures of me, in there. O there I went to use the ladies again, (wondering me and toilets ba, just free this girl abeg) and it was the pit type. I haven't seen that in such a loong time. Seeing it there in Milan was nostalgic and no, I did not use, this toilet.
Oyya o, time to go back to the hotel, my dear, all train stations were closed, apparently there was a strike, and we had wondered too far from Sergate where our hotel was. By this time Amina, am sniffing, cold don enter my body. We had to take a taxi home o. It was sooo silly cos, we dint figure it out on time, we kept looking for an open gate into the train station cos we thought they were closed for security reasons and then finally someone said strike. Triple sad.
We got home fine, all we wanted was sleep.
On day 2, we had agreed on people we wanted to follow up with at the fare so,

after a huge breakfast with some of the best chocolate filled croissants ever,we took our map and headed for the bus. This day, we were ready for a lot of business. We did a lot of office work, boring, interesting and amazing stuff. Amina you won't believe how wild peoples minds have gone. If you see the industrial mixer, you can hide in it. Am serious. Anyway that's how work ended. Then we went back to shopping. O Meenah this time we went to Duomo. When I got off the train and stepped out, I just had to wow the moment. The church just stood there, birds, people, blue sky. Old, beautiful, strong, the architecture is A++. Ehen, then I wanted to shop, my dear, the shops there don't know my name o, they are the shops for the Adenuga, dangotes and co. So, I had no problem, looking away. But there was everything on there, you know, the whole, romance in Italy from the books and movies it's all real, flowers everywhere, people singing on the train and on the street. As we go along we find  interesting things, overly short dresses and beautiful colored hairs and piercings. But my favorite random one minute chance meeting is this person on the train. Like am thinking nice hair and jeans. A girl walks in with her dog on the train that is, and leans on the side of the persons seat, then the persons phone rang, when the person answered, you won't believe it, I almost fell off my chair, he had a guys voice. The girl leaning, had to bend over to check, we were really confused, great cheek bones, perfect eye brows, nice boots, I say, I was killing for the jeans, and it was a guy. Really, he had no boobs, but you know how guys keep long hair and wear skinny jeans, and cos it's cold they wrap scarves around and wear jackets, ? Well, that's how we took him for a girl. My boss had a good laugh.

And the next day we leave for pordenone. Ciao.

Sunday, 13 October 2013


He carries me in his arms, in public, in my home, on a corridor, from a car. I giggle like a dump blonde that I am the exact opposite of. I hold on to him tight, not cos I think he will drop me, no it's cos he is soooo dear and I can't get enough of his smell. His delicious mix of man, dust, and Gucci.
I am Zara, 33 and single. I am Hausa, a medical doctor with a paying job. An amazing family that is close and neat. I was born with a spoon, it might not be made from any of the world's precious stones but I was born with a spoon. It fed me educated me all the while changing from copper to diamond no, not rubies. My siblings and I were given the right to express ourselves, to live with our decisions, to explore our wants and dreams. Our home was made a safety net. Somehow, we had turned mum and dad to our 911 call. And like all 911 calls they only got that call when there is trouble.
Right now, am in one of those 911 moments but I am not sure if I should make the call. Because like 911 once that call is made, there is no going back. The protocols and investigations go on, the decisions no longer become mine. In an effort to protect me, they will whisk me away from it all whether am guilty or not.
When he proposed I thought, okay, why is he rushing, and said to him let's see. Soon I saw. I saw Islam far more than I thought I understood it. I saw a man with a good heart, a man that would care for my family like he would his. But I also saw a well educated man with high chances of success. You know, he is a girl's check list. So, by the 7th time he asked me to marry him in the 6months I had known him, I said yes. Even though he dint have a stable income, I knew we could sort that out easily.
My wedding was a fairy tale. My family went all out. As the only girl of my parents, they were ready to do it all. My dress was not a Vera wang but it was beautiful, the hall was beautiful, everyone and everything was beautiful. Rich purple a notch less deeper than violet, and champagne gold, danced around me, all over the place I saw pictures of Zara and Ismail, our smiles, love dancing in our eyes, our names in print. We were hugged, smothered, kissed, touched, carried. Our friends surprised us, coming from soooo far away, America were Ismail schooled, London my masters and some work. If ever cheeks could tear apart on their own mine would have and if truly, hearts could burst, mine would have. I was filled with joy, excitement and love.
I am 27 now, we have been married 3years now, and the things I saw translated to this:  my husband and I are happy 2days out of 7days. We now have that stable income that I predicted we will get easily but as it turns out, there is sooooo much more that I was missing. At first glance it looks like my husband and I have the same level of exposure, but when you take a second look you see the difference between silver and white gold.
Did my husband hang around women, no. Did my husband beat me, no. Did my husband fail to give me shelter or food, no. Did my husband disrespect me, no. So why are we not happy? It's simple we are too different. But how did a simple thing slip away from me. Marriage is too important to me.

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Thursday, 29 August 2013

Lanre Is Venting…..

                                                      Lanre Is Venting…..

Today I just want to give an opinion. If you are in Lagos and find yourself in traffic a lot, you might know DOTUN & TEMI on cool fm.
Well, am one of those people that get to listen to them thanks to the traffic. One of temis topics today was about a girl whose boyfriend is ready to marry her on one condition, get pregnant.
At this point I say pekelepekele- spororo.
This is sooooo wrong. How can you sit there and listen to that and not slap him(no violence please). But seriously how can someone say they love you and give you a condition to be with you forever. That is sooooo BS!!!
Let someone say that to their sister and you will hear all sort of things.
I am practically Yoruba, obviously from my name right. But am sorry to say its my Yoruba brothers and their mothers that started this. Dear brothers’ mother will you let your daughter get pregnant for a man before he marries her?
Can I say in capital letters please: IT IS GOD THAT GIVES CHILDREN!!!!!
If your wife is not getting pregnant, God has not given her. Your query is with God, Get on your mat and repent or go to church and pray, fast, check if there is a medical problem, if there is solve it.
Doing a fertility test before marriage doesn’t guaranty anything man. When God is ready to Bless you with this gift of child he will give you. Stop playing god abeg.
And girls, women, ladies, whatever you call yourselves, have some dignity, don’t wait around for these men and women to say these to you.
No religion allows for pre-marital sex. So how is the baby going to get in there?
Also, my big question, say you get pregnant get married give birth and baby dies, then what???
So far as I am concerned it is quite insultive to ask me to get pregnant before marriage whether it’s the man or his mother asking.
Can I ask you to give me the money you will use to take care of me and my unborn kids before I can marry you?
Yes dear it is as impossible. Cos you see wife is to baby making machine as husband is to money making machine.
If you want to marry, marry. If you want a baby go to an orphanage. Don’t marry me and my sisters with condition.
You see how we will deal with it if you have no job or if your business has a slow period or when we wait for that cheque that is getting late? That is how dear husband we will deal with our baby wants. When it comes we will deal with it if there is a problem.
Lets stand up for our dignity, our pride, lil ones and daughters. Do not insult us with forbidden offers. We are wealth itself. They have to acquire us, we just have to wait and accept the highest bidder considering our wants.
When did men start to give conditions for marriage ehn? Men beg women to be theirs, they used to be ready to roll on the floor, jump, fly, wash, sing, just for 5mins of your time, and now they demand a child. A whole human being fa.
Hmmmmn. These guys better take their time!!!
Cheers guys.

Lanres Pen

                                                                  The Promise.

All those lies they told me.
All that time I held on to the words of my teachers, my mentors, my aunties and parents.
Read they said and it will be all easy.
Read they said and it will be all sorted.
I read, everyday
I still read today.
Darling, I cannot begin to list the advantages of education and reading.
But they lied.
Its not easy.
Reading is not all I needed to do.
Here I am today, with all the right degrees, in the right profession and guess what,
Am grown up and still reading
And still watching out for that promise.
I see it nowhere.
In my frustration for the need to succeed,
In my frustration to get there am search and tossing around every skill I have ever acquired, directly or indirectly.
These things they promised read and you will sign cheques.
Am signing cheques but I need more zeroes before the decimal point.
Its time to look beyond the books.
Its time to make my own promises.
Its time to work towards keeping that promise.

Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Lanres Pen

                                                           LET THE CROSSED LEGS BE

As I walk down the street looking the best my mirror, makeup products and skills can do. Yes walking, with all the confidence. All of a sudden there are hands all over. Hands that I cant count. Free my own hands. No, no don’t go there. No, no, no don’t touch that. Fighting, wiggling, struggling, I need my hands, I need my feet. Hands get off my eyes, I need to see. Hands let my mouth be, I need to say things.
This can’t be happening. Then reality starts. The husky voice drums sense in my ears. “shut up and stay still”.  The voice poured on me like a bucket of ice. All things tied, hands, feet, mouth, eyes but not fear, my fear is exploding into my chest which is about to burst out my heart.
The jewelries start to go off, then relief start to wash over me,its just a robbery, you are fine”, a voice says. Then another voice, “let’s go, the Alhaji will pay handsomely for this”. I became numb. I couldn’t hear or feel anything. Then it occurred to me to beg. But the gag was in the way. The drive to the destination was the longest and shortest of my life.
Scream girl, let someone know, but all my efforts to scream bites back at me through the gag. So, I start to pray in all the languages I know and the ones I don’t know.        
We are back to the hands. Stop, stop please stop. Your hands shouldn’t be there, don’t do that. Nomy dress, voices, hands, o no not there. I am screaming in silence, araging in peace, amfighting without a struggle. My legs are stuck together in a crossed manner. No matter what they won’t get in, I will keep them crossed. They can do whatever they want, but my legs will be crossed. Try as they did, I dint uncross it. A slap that juggled my brain and the next thing I know it’s over. And I cannot scream, I cannot talk. I am ashamed.
Dropped off by a river with no idea what direction home is but the relief that some of the random words I picked up were over. The hands were nowhere near me. I see blood on my shoes. I just lost my husband’s gift. I just lost my pride to a bunch of strangers.
At home, the mirror is my enemy, my room is my safe. Every stranger that comes close is the culprit. Shadows, make mejump. My silence remains through it all.
Day by day, life gains its normalcy. The nightmares fade, but when they come they come just like yesterday.
I know my gown was long and I was well covered. But I can’thelp but think I may have attracted them in some way.
Like a chicken I made no reports, I let them loose. I let them be. I let them go and do it to someonelse. But where do I start to tell my story from.
I have lost my voice for so many years now. But I don’t know how late I have been.
I know, somehow, one way or the other you may have gone through this, let’s get it to stop.
Let the hands be held. Let the hands stay away. Let the legs be left crossed. A thief of an asset gifted by God. He should be stopped. They should be stopped. Fight for your friends, fight for your sisters, fight for your daughters, fight to keep the hands away, fight to keep the legs crossed.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        

Sunday, 18 August 2013

Lanres pen


                                                             Let him be worthy

Tell me girls why do you agree to create the sound of the creaking bed with him
Is it to to get him to decorate the forth finger on your right hand? 
If your answer is yes, then ask yourself this,
How many of these friendly women on the night street have their hands so decorated
If your answer is no, then I ask again,
Why do you agree to be pounded into, like the pound of raw yam
Is it because of the materials that come to you
If your answer is yes then ask yourself this, 
How long does it last that its worth your pride and dignity
If your answer is no, then I ask again,
Why do you bend backwards, and let the hands of an illegitimate owner feel the treasures which the good Lord has blessed you with.
Is it because you want to please the man you call your own and keep him?
If your answer is yes then ask yourself this, 
How many sex satisfied husbands go out to the oceans as single fishermen to seek the fish of another
If your answer is no, then by all means tell me,
Tell me, why will you defy religion, custom, tradition,morals and stoop
Why will you go in the dark and say to a thief, take, take all my treasures which are irreplaceable
Why will you make a sacrifice so dear and receive nothing
The creak of the bed that destroys the life of you and your unwanted child
The pound of raw yam, shall not pass the throat of many that live to say the story,
As the pound leads to deaths and diseases
As you willingly bend and loose all self respect, he finds himself an untouched woman
Yes my dear, there is all to loose as the only one worthy of the creak of the bed, the pound of your yam, the voice of your anxiety, the touch of your delicacies, the dance of your waist, the unconscious rush of your adrenaline is that man who has paid his price in full before all that you call love .
Let nothing fool you my darling the words 'we will',' we are almost', 'I wanted' are nothing but a sham if you don't believe me, try those words in the market with the tomatoes seller and see how you are renamed thief and given the free makeover that comes with the title.
That which you seek my dear is action and trust me, a man with no action is not worthy.
What are words but craft bring a smile for a minute and a fight for too long,
Real value lies in your deeds, his deeds.
Wait for the action baby.

Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Lanres Pen.....

                                           STEP BACK DARLING!!!

Which of these troubles ahead do you not see.
You see the struggle of your widowed mother.
You see the struggle of your unemployed over qualified sister.
You see the struggle of your under paid over achiever sister.
You see the struggle of your very eligible yet un-married sisters.
You see the struggle of your cousins with families and no bread.
You see the struggle of your neighbor, high to their necks with wealth and security but a fire they couldn’t quench.
You see the struggle of a good man become bad
You see the struggle of a mother as she cares for kids that care lil or none for her.

You see the struggle of a man whose heart left their burdens(kids) for greener pastures
You see the struggle of young gals reaped off of their innocence.
You see the struggle of the justified in jail for injustice.
You see the struggle of a lady in her home for the birth of a child which she cannot manufacture.
This struggles you see are not wanted, they are from circumstances beyond control. These struggles are genuine struggles that we do not know which will come our way no matter our plans.
Now I ask you young man, why increase your struggles?
Why create for yourself a struggle that will bring you farther away from the beginning of your real struggle?
Why willingly punish yourself in a struggle you have no business in?
Hold your own my dear brother, cos the path you see, has struggles way beyond your own n mine.
Hold your own my dear brother cos this path you walk through might have no turns or return.
Hold your own my dear brother cos this path you seek will cost you everything including your head.
Hold your own my dear brother cos at best we can only hold your hand.
Hold your own my dear brother and step back, now you can.
Yes you can back
Yes you can  be the man you really want to be
Yes you can be the hero to our lil ones
Yes you can leave that struggle and face yours
Yes you can be the man of greatness and admiration,
But you have to step back and now

                                      A MISTRESS TO A SINGLE MAN 

 He is smart and special. Tall and cute, lips like the strawberry lip balm I just bought. O but the boy is smart. Just the right size of tummy. Smile to kill. Eyes that literally melt whatever harness I claimed to have had. But you. Stupid stupid stupid. Big hips not correlating with upper body. Soooo slow. You nag unnecessary talk too much, wont even mind your business. Busy planning other peoples lives even when they haven’t given you the access card. Best is to keep whatever intentions away from you before you put your restless mind into wettin no concern you. Have you finished with your life? Tell me have you done all you need to do for yourself? Then why, why are you butting into other peoples lives. He is so calculative and safe. He keeps all that belong to him safe. A very fragile heart. Very fragile that will not cry but will make his decisions based on the hurt, one or the other is feeling. Unfortunately, stupid stupid you did not see all this at 1st. you got a fair warning from the ex that was around him for so long. Stupid stupid you wont open your eyes. That 1st kiss was the worst mistake. Every step after that was you moving from stupid to dump. That you cry everytime he leaves makes no difference to him, you or especially the universe cos as soon as he comes with his sexy smile, warm arms and his best hugs, you will be all his again and again. He has not left the woman of his dreams, the woman that has tickled him for days on end. The woman that has held his hand through many things, the woman that has been his heartbeat for so long. She has been a friend, family, love and lover. Stupid stupid you, how can you compete with a woman that is all that, pretty, smart , patient and forgiving. Why did I ask that question? The right question is how can you walk into a bright and beautiful room and take out all the lights. Why didn’t you walk away???? Dump dump child. Did he leave her before you started this madness? Did he give a date to leave her? Did he leave her when you gave an ultimatum? Is there something am missing??? Can you not see that he is not your man? Yea he says he loves you, and am sure he does. With all the time he spends with you and the way he tolerates your bad habits. Yes he does love you. But I don’t tink he loves you enough to love you fully if you know what I mean. Why are you being hidden when he has no wife and kid at home? Why do you stealthy go to his house and leave same? Why do you fear to call when you av a feeling that ‘honey’ is close by? Whats your argument??? O that you get the best from him? Well yes, that’s usually the case between a married man his wife and his mistress. The wife gets gold, the mistress gets diamond. You used to be smart and independent. Don’t get weak now. You will do fine. You just need to straighten you priorities again. A man that deserves you wont think twice, that am sure of. What annoys me with you, is after everything you have been through you still trust sooo much, you are still pushing. I agree that he is something unexpected, something different, something with no value tag to be kept under maximum security but you will meet your own treasure. Stealing is not your thing. Defrauding is not yours either. So what happens when he decides and you are not his decision. What happens if honey is actually made. Will you not feel worse? Or you rather wait for that to stamp your stupidity on your heart??? see how many times I have told you how stupid you are being. How is it that such an intelligent professional with varios knowledge in random stuff and serious stuff, be so silly at such an obvious thing?. What an amazing thing to see, a mistress to a single man.

                                 THE THINGs I TAKE FOR GRANTED

 It has been a long day at work and I say I am tired of my job. The same job I prayed for. The same job I cried for. The same job I begged for. The same job 100s applied for, some with same qualifications, some even above. But I got lucky. I remember my anxiety after every stage of the recruiting process. How I begged for prayers, support, information and even links. And it was mine. Yet today I utter these selfish ungrateful words: 'I am tired of my job'. Alas if this job was to be taken from me or God forbid a threat of a query or suspension, will my cry not be as loud as the child whose mothers breast was yanked out his mouth? That's not all, I utter these words with no shame. That I have the voice to speak, and so I waste my speech. The man beside me nods cause he has been thirsty for days and will rather be rude than use his saliva. The woman on my other side is dumb and looks at me with such pity from my rant but then who deserves to be pitied. The things I take for granted.

                                                         GOD KNOWs BEST.....

 Most of the time, we take advantage of things we cannot see, things we cannot feel. Sometimes advantage is not the word, for granted is. These things are some of the most important things o. A very simple e.g is the air we breathe. We mess up our environment directly or indirectly because we do not see Air. We do do not have Air,s eyes looking at us guiltily. Air however has a way to retaliate, somehow we inhale this polluted air and it harms us directly or indirectly. Same for God. God the Almighty. He has made things solo easy for us. Blessed us,promised us mercy, promised us eternal bliss all in exchange for obedience. But what do we do? We push it aside , we procrastinate, we make promises with little or no intention to keep till we need something. And even then our consistency is for a minute and we are back to the old us. Yet he gives us many more opportunities to repent, to change, to make a difference.will The funny thing is we all know God wont ask us to do anything that won't be good for us, we know we really need Him, yet we disobey him and still ask for His help and favors. You and I know that you won't get your way like this with fellow humans. Once you promise and fail, even you will be reluctant to go back to the receiver. But we do to Him as we deem fit and call Him the Supreme to get our way. The questions i ask are simple: These things, choices we make against God's instructions are they worth it? If this life was a business, have I invested enough to reap my profits in the hereafter???? Will the value of my investment ensure my happiness in paradise? When I do meet God will he be pleased with me....

                                                      MY MARRIED SOUL.....

Daily, I see that my plans for marriage are fast becoming a fantasy. We all want different things, true but it seems what I want is too expensive. And to think am only asking for a bestirred. Tho, it seems no-one is trusting these days. But why aren't they trusting? Any one betrayed was betrayed by someone not by everyone. I promised not to settle for less. I was too sure he was out there, somewhere
But daily, it seems that there is no him from my plans, dreams or is it fantasy? Some mornings I wake up with that hope.
I meet someone who has my attention and my time. Am there ready to give my all. Waiting, hoping,watching, learning, praying, bonding, pouring secrets and then booooooooooooooom my bubble bursts against my heart, the pain of the blast, sharp deep. The cry of my heart-piercing my brain. All in all screaming warnings as to what it did right and wrong. My brain responding with equal rage bouncing the heart up and down in an effort to remind it of all its warnings. All the tell tale signs. Then finally they agree. No more men. That agreement only last till the next best guy.

Somehow I realize he just isn't into me, or he just isn't it. We don't have to have the same views but abet there is a limit. God forbid I go near a violent man, God forbid near a man that steals, God forbid I go near a man that doesn't know God.
Am beginning to believe that my plan for marriage is a fantasy. The man in my plan is from a Disney movie yet to be premiered. So, am I to face this thing they call reality and be with a man with more flaws than good? Or be with one that expects to hear no sound in my voice and expects my laughter to die in my eyes? Or be with he who enjoys the company of others more than mine? Or be with he who brings me more fear than kirikiri prison. 

In my head, I meet him and he says to me 'darling, I have been looking for you longer than you have been looking for me, I never gave up, I knew you would be there, somewhere'. I know that's a definite fantasy. A classic line fit for the return of Cinderella. 

The thing is, even if I accept that it is fantasy, where do I go from there. I can't settle, I JUST REFUSE TO SETTLE.

Sunday, 16 June 2013

Ayere town in Kogi state.....(a recent trip)

Took another historic trip to another town in kogi state where i had the opportunity to visit the kabiesi's palace(the king) and where garri is been process, also checked out the serenity of the mountains surrounding the town and did a photo shoot section.

Happy viewing!!!    !!!    !!!