Sunday, 18 August 2013

Lanres pen


                                                             Let him be worthy

Tell me girls why do you agree to create the sound of the creaking bed with him
Is it to to get him to decorate the forth finger on your right hand? 
If your answer is yes, then ask yourself this,
How many of these friendly women on the night street have their hands so decorated
If your answer is no, then I ask again,
Why do you agree to be pounded into, like the pound of raw yam
Is it because of the materials that come to you
If your answer is yes then ask yourself this, 
How long does it last that its worth your pride and dignity
If your answer is no, then I ask again,
Why do you bend backwards, and let the hands of an illegitimate owner feel the treasures which the good Lord has blessed you with.
Is it because you want to please the man you call your own and keep him?
If your answer is yes then ask yourself this, 
How many sex satisfied husbands go out to the oceans as single fishermen to seek the fish of another
If your answer is no, then by all means tell me,
Tell me, why will you defy religion, custom, tradition,morals and stoop
Why will you go in the dark and say to a thief, take, take all my treasures which are irreplaceable
Why will you make a sacrifice so dear and receive nothing
The creak of the bed that destroys the life of you and your unwanted child
The pound of raw yam, shall not pass the throat of many that live to say the story,
As the pound leads to deaths and diseases
As you willingly bend and loose all self respect, he finds himself an untouched woman
Yes my dear, there is all to loose as the only one worthy of the creak of the bed, the pound of your yam, the voice of your anxiety, the touch of your delicacies, the dance of your waist, the unconscious rush of your adrenaline is that man who has paid his price in full before all that you call love .
Let nothing fool you my darling the words 'we will',' we are almost', 'I wanted' are nothing but a sham if you don't believe me, try those words in the market with the tomatoes seller and see how you are renamed thief and given the free makeover that comes with the title.
That which you seek my dear is action and trust me, a man with no action is not worthy.
What are words but craft bring a smile for a minute and a fight for too long,
Real value lies in your deeds, his deeds.
Wait for the action baby.

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