Thursday, 29 August 2013

Lanres Pen

                                                                  The Promise.

All those lies they told me.
All that time I held on to the words of my teachers, my mentors, my aunties and parents.
Read they said and it will be all easy.
Read they said and it will be all sorted.
I read, everyday
I still read today.
Darling, I cannot begin to list the advantages of education and reading.
But they lied.
Its not easy.
Reading is not all I needed to do.
Here I am today, with all the right degrees, in the right profession and guess what,
Am grown up and still reading
And still watching out for that promise.
I see it nowhere.
In my frustration for the need to succeed,
In my frustration to get there am search and tossing around every skill I have ever acquired, directly or indirectly.
These things they promised read and you will sign cheques.
Am signing cheques but I need more zeroes before the decimal point.
Its time to look beyond the books.
Its time to make my own promises.
Its time to work towards keeping that promise.

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