Saturday, 7 December 2013

breath taking ' Art works' in Abuja,

stopping by a bazaar where i when to assist  a friend  in selling some goods.. there i came across varieties of art works which am going to share with u... i hope u tell me the ones you may like?

hand made laundry baskets

canvas/paint drawing.

hand made craft work

metalic artwork..(this represent a king and a queen in benin city of ' edo state'

old nigeria currency in coins...

cowries were the first currency spent in nigeria

this art work represent cultural dancers in the yorubaland

was amazes to see natural stones n different colors... they are mostly found in the norther part of nigeria.

my shadow also featured has an art work..

thats a wooden snake.. beautiful piece

colorful broom sticks

Thursday, 5 December 2013

Lanre in Italy...

My Diary for Meenah on my trip to Italy.

So, as soon as I got the memo on my proposed trip to Italy I got excited about taking Menahz part on the blog. Am not as good a photographer as she is, but I hope to make it up with my story telling.
I don't want to bore you with the details of lousy Nigeria airport deeds in Lagos so let's go straight to me landing in Milano. The 1st slap of the cold was huge even though the statistics say it's not so cold yet, you will see how I cacked up o, and I still got slapped. The airport was beautiful. Everything we'll organized. We took a taxi to the hotel that morning and  got in fine.

The fun starts now, 1st you should know that it's a business trip with my boss so here goes. We check into our rooms, freshen up and set off. I carry a sling bag, wwbig enough to take my camera, wallet and key. Italians speak their language. That's all I can say about communication. Seriously, we think the Yorubas are proud, these people can't speak a language half the world speaks, like duuuuh. Anyway, we get a map from reception and we go to the trade fair ground at Rho Fierramilano. 

Here I was amazed sooo many times my eyes left my face. The coffee machines, the orange squeezers, the pizza makes, the ovens, the chefs. Meenah, there was everything kitchen, servery, bakery, thing anything, gas ranges, refrigerators, pasta cookers, dishwashers, the Guinness world record winners in hospitality were there. Meenah,literally we were on the teal carpet. We couldn't go round it all, it was toooooooooooooooo very much big(like my Italian friends will say). All the who is who in the in the hospitality industry was there. Just like a fashion show or like the mtv awards. Foods and sample gifts were given out. The best was to deal is at the fare cos they are ready to bring in as many people on their side as possible. All kinds of people, all sorts of colors, all gathered to find cooking and hospitality equipment at the best buy. It was truly an expose. I have grande pictures of the trade centre and some of the machines that wowed me, soooorry, was too stunned to take some. Then the fare closed at 6pm that evening.

Then my favorite part started, yeeeees, shopping. We went to the Milan centre and there they were, all of them, calling my name, laaaaanre, laaaaanre, come to me, am serious, the stores practically stretch out to you to walk into them, once you here the 1st call you cannot resist, you have to just fall in. In between my shopping am in the need for the ladies and guess what, when I go to the lady, to walk in, they ask for money and it's not 50cents, it's 1euro. Hello, when I go to shop rite to buy nothing I pay nothing (in Ikeja, Lagos), am here spraying my hard earned savings, and you are making me paaaay???? We'll that rake was for me and my head cos I paid man. On the upside, maybe that's how they get to keep their things in good condition.

Ok, so we go to an African restaurant, and I ate pounded yam and ogbono right there in the centre of Milan. It was nice, filling and homey. It's called king & queen. When you go, you should go there too. Will send you pictures of me, in there. O there I went to use the ladies again, (wondering me and toilets ba, just free this girl abeg) and it was the pit type. I haven't seen that in such a loong time. Seeing it there in Milan was nostalgic and no, I did not use, this toilet.
Oyya o, time to go back to the hotel, my dear, all train stations were closed, apparently there was a strike, and we had wondered too far from Sergate where our hotel was. By this time Amina, am sniffing, cold don enter my body. We had to take a taxi home o. It was sooo silly cos, we dint figure it out on time, we kept looking for an open gate into the train station cos we thought they were closed for security reasons and then finally someone said strike. Triple sad.
We got home fine, all we wanted was sleep.
On day 2, we had agreed on people we wanted to follow up with at the fare so,

after a huge breakfast with some of the best chocolate filled croissants ever,we took our map and headed for the bus. This day, we were ready for a lot of business. We did a lot of office work, boring, interesting and amazing stuff. Amina you won't believe how wild peoples minds have gone. If you see the industrial mixer, you can hide in it. Am serious. Anyway that's how work ended. Then we went back to shopping. O Meenah this time we went to Duomo. When I got off the train and stepped out, I just had to wow the moment. The church just stood there, birds, people, blue sky. Old, beautiful, strong, the architecture is A++. Ehen, then I wanted to shop, my dear, the shops there don't know my name o, they are the shops for the Adenuga, dangotes and co. So, I had no problem, looking away. But there was everything on there, you know, the whole, romance in Italy from the books and movies it's all real, flowers everywhere, people singing on the train and on the street. As we go along we find  interesting things, overly short dresses and beautiful colored hairs and piercings. But my favorite random one minute chance meeting is this person on the train. Like am thinking nice hair and jeans. A girl walks in with her dog on the train that is, and leans on the side of the persons seat, then the persons phone rang, when the person answered, you won't believe it, I almost fell off my chair, he had a guys voice. The girl leaning, had to bend over to check, we were really confused, great cheek bones, perfect eye brows, nice boots, I say, I was killing for the jeans, and it was a guy. Really, he had no boobs, but you know how guys keep long hair and wear skinny jeans, and cos it's cold they wrap scarves around and wear jackets, ? Well, that's how we took him for a girl. My boss had a good laugh.

And the next day we leave for pordenone. Ciao.