Wednesday, 30 April 2014


The other day someone critisized my writing, saying i should leave the country if i dint like it.
I love Nigeria with all my heart, we are rich people. We are rich in culture, style, taste, food, nature. I love Nigeria because true Nigerians are strong, talented, goal getters, achiever, doers.
But my dear adviser if i get a coloured passport even a lil different from the green i own, i will leave. For you see my dear, the Nigerian Dream is to survive.

Today my pain goes out to the missing girls, how can anyone in authority or power sleep, how can we continue to live like its nothing but a leaking tap. I dont get it o! My tears cannot be dried, till the children return home.
I dont see anyone getting away with 200tubers of yam without a death penalty laid upon him by the farmers. How did we get to this point. We have become such savages that we harm the veryones we claim to protect. We instill fear on the nation.

No my dear, this is not a country Lanre wants to stay in, it is not a country you should stay in.
How is it that we watch the news make side comments and continue our meal or whatever we are doing?
We have voices that we let only our walls hear, in matters like this, these walls hear but turn deaf.
We have so many questions who do we ask?

I am in such a state of confusion that i dont know what will happen next.
How were those kids moved, in sacks like garri or on a brt bus? How many people  moved these kids? Where are these kids that no one can hear them(i think of the chatter and screams of my lil cousins when they are in the house and cant imagine them in 200). Like i said the questions are endless. Am worried when my boyfriend lives the house in Lagos, am worried when my mother goes to the market in Kaduna, am worried when my sister goes to work in Abuja, am worried when my bestfriend lives the office to go home in Port Harcourt.
It could have been anyones kid, it could have been anyones sister or niece or cousin. Lets bring these girls home. Lend a voice till you are heard, breakdown deaf walls and let your voice travel to the ears of change, to the ears of action, to the weapons that will bring them back.
I dream of a Nigeria with a fair chance of survival.

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