Wednesday, 30 April 2014

The Hustle

All doled up in nice clothes, a pint of bold colour, moist coloured lips ready to part in a laugh but in a constant up curve. Perfect nails, just the right amount of fragrance, to leave a sweet remembrance, midheel matching shoes, to make a run if need be but really to be comfortable climbing up and down the flight of stairs or walk the long distance to the guy you seek.
Ready for whatever attitude comes up, armed with all the documents and answers, the bull is going down today, and the roast we must eat.
And even though all calls, messages and emails have been ignored or treated with one liners, the walk in is tall, the rehearsed annoyance at the tip of the tongue, to dish out firmly but softly with a stern smile.
The accounts are reconciled and yes you are right but no money yet, 'give me a call next week' he says as he stretch's into a more comfortable position in his chair. You thank him for the audience not the help cause you are no closer to what you went to achieve, he closes your file as soon as you go and another heap grows on it, no roast today('hunger, hunger' the screams in my head)the call next week will involve introductions of who you are and interogations on which invoice for which job, by which point am thinking if he has alzheimers how does he find his way to the office each day. Finally he recalls the facts then comes the story, someone who has the most important signature is either on leave or just resumed.
The unwritten rule is the more you are in their face, the closer you get to your money. If you have got a big trap, you have to set it right to catch the bull, if it backfires, your invoice gets chucked. The hustle continues insearch of common cattle or land birds just cause the hunger must be fed. 

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