Thursday, 3 December 2015

MY Job MY Colleagues

Excuse my absence from my blog... I got a job July 2014 that occupied my life in a hotel where i work has an admin staff...

dealing with human ain't an issue task, we got people from the 36 states working other one roof and what do you get when you work with people with different dialect? trouble............

 regardless of all that, i still love my job because i get to mix and talk with people everyday and learn new things.

Now permit me to introduce to you my colleagues... i call them my colleagues of life. they just have a way of making my day whenever i go round to check on everyone of them. they all got different characters which is amazing.

Human resource mama who checks and bal everyone

the youngest in my unit... always has the right word for every conversation


PORTER... he never wanna be absent from work

BAR MAN... he serves me the best juice

Housekeeper...she never want to be cheated

Pastry chef.... he added to my weight gain

Griller... he needs t be back to sch, very smart

the sexy market that can't be called by her tribal name

the nutty driver

the madam herself... always dressing to kill for her purchasing jobs

the one face housekeeper...

the flirty receptionist

the strictest auditor

the fine boy porter

the profession of laundry

the iron store lady

never a challenge in he's  life

the albino waitress

got the best voice in the game.. sponsors pls look out for him

the gentle front officer..just got married

best looking waitress... always smiling

... every body loves Rachel

the smartest waiter... my waiter crush

the only edo girl i know... 

the meticulous lady

just had a baby

usain bolt wannabe

cook... i love he's food

gardener... the only old personal in da building

the french guy...

dan guy.... need to go back to school
these are the few i can post for now... by their faces you should know what i meant by my caption...